National Access

Special Price national access is handled by and is available to customers as an add on to their present account for ONLY $15.95 per month. Or as a replacement account for the same price they are currently paying at and have their e-mail forwarded to the new account, so no important e-mails are lost. Two e-mail addresses for the price of one and and delivered to the same mail box.   MyGlobe

The accounts are great for the person who travels and needs access on the road and those on vacation can keep their same e-mail address and have internet access with the nice people your used to working with.    MyGlobe

Wide Coverage
Access numbers in the lower 48 states and Canada. Over 2800 numbers and growing. A complete list of access numbers is available on their web site. Sign up today.   MyGlobe

Global and Local Information
MyGlobe has pages of Local, National, and World news and weather for your travel and planning information. See the news and weather for where you are, where your going, and back home. All located on easy to navigate pages. Sign up today.   MyGlobe

The national accounts are governed by the user agreement of found on their web site.    MyGlobe


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