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Now you will be able to surf the Internet and receive e-mail at speeds up to 5 times faster then currently available over your same dialup connection. While other providers are charging up to $10.00 more for this additional service, Eohio will make this technology available to all of our subscribers who are paying $20.95 a month. Non Eohio.net customers can change to Eohio.net or can receive the benefits of E-Z Blaster and stay with their current ISP, e-mail or call our office for details.

The E-Z Blaster software speeds up your internet connection from 3 to 12 times normal speed. It speeds up your e-mail download speed, by up to 35 times! Most users will find that their web surfing experience is significantly enhanced by the addition of this software to their PC. If you access the Internet using a dial up connection at home or on the road, this is where the product truly shines. For DSL, cable, wireless or ISDN connections, you will notice a marked improvement as well.

Eohio Net E-Z Blaster is the Most Powerful Web Accelerator Available!

Browsing the Internet with a dial-up connection can be painfully slow. Fasten your seatbelt! E-Z Blaster is an exciting new subscription-based product that lets you surf the Internet up to 5 times faster than a typical dial-up connection. E-Z Blaster turns dial-up connections virtually into broadband and makes broadband connections really take off.

According to the independent testing performed by VeriTest, E-Z Blaster (powered by SlipStream) is the clear victor. Compared to Propel, E-Z Blaster accessed first web pages over 33% faster and improved average download times by over 10%. E-Z Blaster compressed text components of Web pages by an average of 5.9 times. VeriTest used a standard 56k dial-up connection and browsed to 30 common web pages with an unaccelerated connection, a connection accelerated by Propel, and a connection accelerated by the E-Z Blaster Web Accelerator.

On top of showing that E-Z Blaster is the best accelerator on the market, the study also showed that the newer features of E-Z Blaster are effective in improving the web browsing experience. E-Z Blaster was shown to compress email messages and attachments by more than 4.5% and the new E-Z Blaster Pop-up Blocker was able to inhibit most pop-ups.

Fasten Your Seatbelt and hold on!
  • E-Z Blaster speeds up your Eohio.net Internet connection, by up to 5 times.
  • E-Z Blaster lets you browse the net at near-DSL speeds, at a fraction of the price.
  • You get high-speed data transmission without the high speed cost.
  • E-Z Blaster doesn't alter your current software. It's non-intrusive.
  • E-Z Blaster included Pop-Up Blocker software.
  • Easy to install and runs in the background after you've dialed up.
  • Lets you specify the desired image quality and in turn, the speed of surfing.
  • Cost nothing extra if your an Eohio Customer and paying $20.95. (If you're currently paying less than $20.95, your rate will be increased to the $20.95 per month rate.)

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

E-Z Blaster FAQ's

All customers that have signed up for the E-Z Blaster service should have received and e-mail with instructions on installing the program. If you recently signed up then you will receive an e-mail within a week with the instructions. More information and FAQ's may be found on the E-Z Blaster web site www.E-ZBlaster.com
You can sign up for the service by sending an e-mail to accelerator@eohio.net and stating you wish to have the E-Z Blaster added to your service. We will contact you with the instructions.

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